Foot Rings

Footrings with Internal Lock

The 360 degree compression fitting makes the internal locking footring the most slip resistant in the industry.

Continuous contact within the hub prevents standpipe deformation caused by over tightening the knob on regular footring designs.

The footring is loosened and tightened by turning the outer ring.

Fits on all standpipe diameters (49.7mm, 50mm, and 50.8mm).  Exceeds ANSI BIFMA X5.1-2002 testing.

Product No. 33-H636-20C

Product No. 33-H637-18 (18”)

Product No. 33-H637-20 (20”)

Product No. 33-H638-18

Standard Footrings

Product No. 33-201-FR-A-PLBK

Product No. 33-900-50

Product No. 33-918-50-OVAL

Product No. 33-920-50